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Fall 2021 Math 544 at UofSC

In this course, we explore transformations that take lines to other lines. It is a surprisingly well-structured setting with near universal applications.


The syllabus can be found at the about tab.


At the calendar tab, you will find our topic schedule for each class along with the pre-reading, worksheets for that class, and due dates for assignments.


The notes tab is where you can find the course reading.

Homework and Worksheets

There are tabs for class homework and worksheets.

Homework is turned in weekly and in groups of 3-4.

Worksheets are what we work in during class, also in groups. Worksheets are not turned in - you are only graded on how much you present solutions to them.

For more information, see the Syllabus.

Weekly schedule

If you ever need to remind yourself about the time and coordinates of our course or my office hours, you can quickly reference at the schedule tab.


If you are interested in a bit about who I am and what I do, check out the staff tab or visit my website.